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For a year and a half Marta worked on her first two collections without commercial influence and with complete artistic freedom.

These pieces would be described as both groundbreaking and truly inspirational

Marta opened the two collections in an exhibition at the Hotel Santa Catalina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on May 26, 2011 and was presented by her uncle the renowned artist, architect and painter Félix Juan Bordes Caballero.

Parts of the two collections consist of 40 jewels made of sterling silver with gold baths (pink, yellow and white) enamels and a variety of precious stones: multicolored sapphires, tourmalines, amethysts, rubies, kayanites, spesartites, chrisophase, emeralds, etc.

Also shown in the exhibition were five bespoke pieces made of gold 18 k which were created as part of Marta’s personal design service

Nights and moons


Marta’s inspirations are the nature, the sea, a clear night’s sky and the trips that always enrich her and open new horizons and revolutionize her spirit, always in constant motion.

She is inspired by moments, feelings that are converted into forms.

For her two first collections she has been inspired by the sea, both the Mediterranean Sea from Greece, where she  lives, the calm and tranquility of the sea glitters... in contrast to the strength of the Atlantic Ocean with the waves breaking on the shore, the most intense blue... and also in rivers such as the Chao Praya in Bangkok, the strait  of Bosphorus in Istanbul, the Mekong  river in Vietnam, the Nile river... etc.




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