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Marta Bordes was born in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria and she currently lives in Greece with her family.

She graduated in law at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and during her career she achieved scholarships in Komotini (Greece), Bolonia (Italy) and  Korbach (Germany) , as well as a year English course at the University of Bradford  (England). She has two masters degree - Urbanistic law and International bidding.

From an early age Marta felt a fascination and hypnotism to gemstones and jewelry,  this vocation had been unfulfilled having dedicating her creativity to other projects.  Then in 2007 she made the decision to devote herself exclusively to the magical world of jewels.

In that year Marta took an intensive ‘Artistic Jewelry Course’ in Las Palmas de GC, this course was a structured program created by the ULPGC and taught by the celebrated jewelry designer Cristina Déniz.


In 2008 Marta trained in the Greek city of the silver artisans, Ioanina. In addition she also trained in the art and craft of silver with the designer and goldsmith Giorgos Zaravellas. This training took place in his workshop in the center of KEPAVI where Marta learned the entire process of production and realization of a jewel with the lost wax technique.



Subsequently, in Istanbul she met with a jeweler of great experience and prestige, Mr. Kasaglu. This experience encouraged her to follow her dream and become the skilled gemologist and designer she is today.

In 2009, Marta graduated in Gemology, Diamond Grading and Identification (GG) at the internationally recognized school of Antwerp - HRD.

 At the end of 2009 she undertook a Jewelry Design Course at the Asian Institute of Gemmological Science – AIGS -  in Bangkok – Thailand.

Her inspiration has been influenced by a passionate love of travelling, other cultures, nature…Her extensive travel to locations all over the world has given Marta experiences which have empowered and enriched her personally thus giving her this unique ability and flair for design.All of this knowledge and emotion has been cleverly used in a way that transforms through the pieces,together they are fused with the magic of colors, transparency, brightness and cut of the precious stones that compose them.



Marta does not frame in any line of design. Her maximum aspiration is to have her own style or brand so when people  see one of her pieces, they can identify  them. She always tends to draw curved lines when making sketches instead of straight lines that does not appeal to her.

Pink gold has a special attraction to Marta and as one can observe on her collections, it is her favorite precious metal.

She breaks the symmetry in many designs without thinking of it. This is giving a beautiful final result to her creations.

Her broad knowledge in gemmology allows her to include a wide and often unusual variety of precious stones in her designs.

 She is mostly  inclined for transparency and the blend of bold colours, shapes or rounded cuts as pear shape, cushion cut, brilliant cut… Marta adds gems without skimping in designs.

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